Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's the Weekend!

It's been a rough weekend. Actually, it started Wed & just got progressively worse. Noah came Wed from school & went straight to sleep; which is unusual for him. Around midnight, he started vomitting every 2 hours. He was better later the next day, so we thought maybe it's just a fluke.

Friday - got up around 5:30 am to get Jacob to surgery. We had to leave around 6:15 am to get to the surgery center down in St. Clair Shores. Surgery went well, the dr was very nice, he said he got all the playdo out of both ears. After surgery, we did a few errands, got him a donut since he hadn't eaten since the day before. As soon as we got home, he said his stomach felt bad. Sure enough, he didn't take more than 6 steps before he threw up. We just assumed it was from the anesthesia. But when it kept up every 2 hrs, we suspected it was a stomach bug.

And we got the call from school that we had to pick Sydney up because she was throwing up, we knew for sure. So, it a matter of a few days, all 4 of kids had thrown up. And later than night, I got hit with it & then my hubby. Fun Friday night.

But, I feel better today. I even went to a crop with my neighbor & did this page for the ADSR5.

It's with a kit "Sweet Romance" by AnDi designs. You can get it at Divine Digital.

Here's the link for the kit:

Also, be sure to check our AnDi Design's blog for a freebie for the March Train Blog. Her blog address is on the side bar on the right.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, Monday

I found out when Chinese New Year was - February 14!!! Valentine's Day! Well, for this year it was. It changes every year. and this year is also the year of the Tiger! I may have to do more with kit.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Belated Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm afraid I am not exactly sure when it is - I guess I could always look it up. But between all the dr appts, birthday parties, volunteering, work, etc., I keep forgetting to look it up.

The plugged ear saga continues. After I took Jacob to the pediatric ENT specialist, the dr told us that the playdough is in too deep and that he has to go for surgery to get it removed.

The next day after that, I went to pick up Ethan's 3 year pics only to find out they gave to pics to someone else!!!WTH! Who has my kids' pics? and why didn't they return them?

Anyways - about Chinese New Year - I got this gorgeous kit by Shien Designs called Xing Fu which means Happiness in Chinese. I used it for some Mulan pics but you can use it for lots of other type of photos. It really is a pretty kit.
It's available at and She also has other elements that coordinate with this kit and lovely quick pages if you want to do something pretty and fast.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long night at Urgent Care and a freebie!

Last night was a long night. My oldest son woke up with a crusty eye. After work, I tried to take him to a minute clinic at a local pharmacy. They checked him over & found play-do in his ears. And because there is an ear obstruction, they couldn't treat him. So I had to take him to Urgent Care. They tried to dig it out, flush it out and dig it out again. And still can't get it out. So today, I have to take him to a Ped ENT specialist so they can numb his ear to get the rest out - it's in so deep. So, Jacob is home another day from school.

Besides that drama, this cute kit "A Night in a Sweet Blue Dream" is finally out in the store Boutique-Digiscrap. Here a few pages I made with the kit.

Oh, I forgot! I have freebie for you!!! I made a Happy Sweetest Day wordart for one of my layouts of the TendreAmour kit. Hopefully, I posted the link correctly for you to download.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well - a belated Happy Valentine's day. I hope everyone had a good weekend. My hubby worked all weekend, so we didn't see each other much.
But I did get to scrap with a new kit by Mely Designs: Tendre Amour (or Tender Love):

Here's a look at the kit:
Here are cute cluster frames at go with the kit:

This is available at

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

Kids are home from school today. I'm trying to digiscrap while they're playing the Wii and arguing. ugh. I made some sweet layouts from a collab kit that's a Valentine's theme - just in time for all those Valentine's Parties at school!

Awesome collab kit from Designs in Digital! It has so much stuff, there's something for everyone. Link to Kit:

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm joined the Amazing DigiScrap Race!!!

Apparently this has been going on for a few years. This is their 5th year. My first to do it. I am partners with Alicia from Designs in Digital. I'm so excited! We're team #92 & called the Double A's for Alicia and Angi. Double the trouble.
We have a blog:
check it to see how we're doing. I think it starts Feb 7, so less than a wk away!!
Alicia made us a cool blinkie - check the side post. Countdown begins!

Another Monday

I'm here at work. Doing my best to look busy. I did some digiscrapping last week. Anything Disney, I love. I am so glad I have this Disney inspired kit "Mouseville" for my Disney (and non-Disney) photos to scrap.

Another great kit by AnDi Designs! Available at Divine Digital!