Sunday, February 21, 2010

Belated Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm afraid I am not exactly sure when it is - I guess I could always look it up. But between all the dr appts, birthday parties, volunteering, work, etc., I keep forgetting to look it up.

The plugged ear saga continues. After I took Jacob to the pediatric ENT specialist, the dr told us that the playdough is in too deep and that he has to go for surgery to get it removed.

The next day after that, I went to pick up Ethan's 3 year pics only to find out they gave to pics to someone else!!!WTH! Who has my kids' pics? and why didn't they return them?

Anyways - about Chinese New Year - I got this gorgeous kit by Shien Designs called Xing Fu which means Happiness in Chinese. I used it for some Mulan pics but you can use it for lots of other type of photos. It really is a pretty kit.
It's available at and She also has other elements that coordinate with this kit and lovely quick pages if you want to do something pretty and fast.

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  1. What a beautiful layout and kit! I would be SO furious about those pics! Are they going to call you if the person brings them back? How hard can it be for them to figure out who else had pics next to yours that could have been given yours by mistake?