Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy April 1st!

I know April 1st is commonly known as April fools day, but around my house, it's known for opening day at Erma's Frozen Custard!  It's the best frozen custard/ice cream!  It's a little stand down some back road but it's been in business for 70 years!  It closed Nov. 1 & re-opens April 1st.  They always have vanilla & chocolate every week and 2 new flavors that they rotate on a weekly basis.

 But besides that, Gingerscraps is having a special April's Fools No Joke special!  They have hundreds of kits for sale at 65% off today only!

For instance, this brand new kit by Miss Mis Designs is only $1.75!

Here's a layout I made using this kit:

I also used the matching Word Art pack, Glitter Sheets pack, Bonus Papers pack and glitter and gloss from the Style pack, also by Miss Mis Designs, all on sale until April 5:  Miss Mis Designs Shop

Plus, almost everything in her shop is on sale from 40% off, 50% and even 65% off!
Go shopping while the deals are good & get scrapping!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick' Day!

It's been a crazy, busy week.  I'll have to tell you more tomorrow.  But for today, here's a layout I made inspired by St Patrick's Day:

I created this page with:

Glitter papers from With a Little Luck Glitter Sheets pack by Miss Mis Designs:

word art from With A Little Luck Word Art pack by Miss Mis Designs:

All on sale right now at GingerScraps 50% off!  So, go shopping and get scrapping!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

It's the Weekend!

Good morning to everyone on this sunny Saturday.  I'm off soon to drive my daughter to SAT prep classes.  So, I have to make this quick.

GingerScraps had some new releases yesterday.  Sorry I didn't post it yesterday - I was on a field trip. Anyways, here are a couple of them that I got to work with:

St. Patrick's Day Templates by Blue Heart Scraps

and Sweet Little Baby Bundle by Ponytails Digital Designs

Here's a layout I created with both products:


And another layout I made with a different template but from the same set.  I used a kit by Blue Heart Scraps from the March Buffet section at GingerScraps called "Brighter Days Ahead."

Don't forget to check the "Fresh Baked" products section at GingerScraps - HERE

I hope my layouts inspire you to scrap and preserve those memories.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Manic Monday

First day of a long week.  And today is looking hectic, so it truly will be a Manic Monday for me.  After I drove my 2 older kids to their high schools, I had to get gas and then a quick stop at the organic grocery store to pick up some items in desperate need that I can't buy any place else.  Then off to Trinity, my younger 2 kids' school, to work on the Scrip program.  Then home to eat, caffeine and try not to fall asleep.  I have to be at my daughter's school by 2:30 pm today b/c we have to rush over to my son's high school, which is 15 minutes away.  She's taking an ACT prep class there on Monday afternoons this month.  And then later, it's Parent Teacher conferences at Lutheran NorthWest, so we may as well hang around there.  It's a waste of gas just to drive home & turn around and drive back in 30 minutes.  I know I will be worn out exhausted.

Onto better things that make me smile.   I have another layout to show you about the ColorFest, but this time with different designers but still part of the March Buffet at GingerScraps!

This time the template is designed by Dear Friends Designs and is from the "Color Me Happy" template pack.
The page kit is by Little Rad Trio is the kit is "Left Brain, Right Brain."
I highlighted the tile with a glitter style from Miss Mis Designs' "Mommin' Ain't Easy" Style Pack.

I love this double page template.  I can't wait to print it out.

What I used:

Sorry it's so short today, but I gotta scoot.  I hope you like what you see!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

More New Buffet items at GingerScraps

I worked with a few of the Buffet packs at GingerScraps.  This month, the theme is bright, primary colors, like a rainbow.  I thought "This is perfect to finally scrap those photos from the ColorFest."  I took Noah & Ethan a couple of years ago to Michigan's ColorFest which is a way to celebrate Holi Festival or Festival of Colors.  It was a lot of fun, but Im sure not the true holiday celebration.

Anyways, here's a couple of layouts I created using "SunShine" bundle by  Laurie's Scraps & Designs, along with a template from "Amazing Year-March 2" template pack by Tinci's Designs.

Here's a look at the Sunshine kit and bundle:

Sunshine Bundle:

Tinci's Designs Amazing Year - March 2 template pack:

Today is the last day for the Buffet Sale at 50% off!  So go shopping and get scrapping!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Another layout using Miss Mis Designs' "Mommin' Ain't Easy"

Over at GingerScraps, they are having the annual "Scrapping Survivor" contest.  For week 2, we had to document a day of what we were feeling and the photos had to be very recent, within the week.  Here is mine:

I created this page from "Mommin' Ain't Easy" bundle by Miss Mis Designs specifically using the Page kit, card stocks, word art and journal cards:

I also used a template by Neverland Scraps called "Pixie Plate 83" but with a few modifications.

I thought the kit was perfect for scrapping this idea and moment in my life.

What do you think?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lastest page kit and extras bundle by Miss Mis Designs

Hello there! Long time, no type! I'm so sorry I've been ignoring my poor little blog! I really need to update this. I was working for awhile at Subway - we bought a Subway a few years ago and I've been working there. Not so much lately because we got some great employees and manager. But also we did have a contract with the local school and I had to deliver and sign off. Now, I have 2 kids in high school and 2 kids in grade School. My 2 older kids go to separate high schools and the high schools are in another county. Not too far, but in traffic, it's an hour each way. Sometimes, I go through a 1/4 tank of gas in one day. Plus, there were some personal issues. You'll see them in my scrap layouts as they come out. I'm back to digiscrapping again. Yay! Currently, I am on Miss Mis Designs Creative Team and the GingerScraps Store Site Creative Team. I was able to land a guest spot on the store's Guest CT last month. And they were so please with my work that they offered me a permanent spot! Wow! For some Scrapping News - It is Buffet Time at Gingerscraps! Buffet is where several designers at Gingerscraps create kits, templates, alphas, journal cards, etc., all in the same color pallete so you can mix and match packs between different designers. And they're on sale for 50% off for a limited time! For example, Miss Mis Designs has made a huge variety of packs for the buffet called "Mommin' Ain't Easy."

And here's my layout I created using the Full kit, bonus papers, cardstock, word art, journal cards and glitter style that are in the bundle:

I also used a template from Life Pages '17 February Week 5 templates pack by JBS Templates:

So, go shopping at GingerScraps - link - and get scrapping those memories!