Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday finally!!!

Long week - it's been a busy month. I'm averaging about 2 appts (or more) each week! Next week, I have only 2 (so far) & they're both on Thursday. Thursday will be a long day.
Today, I worked all morning at the book fair at my kids' school. I love the book fair - I just wish my kids would get better choices. ;)
I did a sketch challenge at Divine Digital with the kit "Sweet Romance" by AnDi Designs. I love the soft colors and the mauve/pink & chocolate combination. Here's the layout I did - it's about Sydney 1st snake that we had to let go b/c it cannot handled being in captivity.


  1. Beautiful blog, and photos. Have a nice day Radka.

  2. I remember the book fair! I was always a little disappointed in the choices, too. We had a grass snake when we were her age, and he didn't handle being in captivity well, either. But I remember loving having him climb my arm. :) Sydney looks so cute there!