Sunday, April 17, 2011

BloomFest at 9th & Bloom!

9th & Bloom is having their Bloomfest - games, contests, challenges & prizes!!!!  Check it out HERE

One of the games is "Bring a Friend."   So, please, please, please, can anyone go sign up & go to this THREAD and say Jazz2000 referred you????  I'd really, really appreciate it.

AND they're having a store wide sale - 35% off everything, except retiring products which is 50%, and GRAB BAGS!  So, if there's anything you've had your eye on - now's the time to get it!  Store link  The grab bags are going for $3 to $4 for only a few days.  After that, they will be broken up & sold at the regular price.  So get it while the gettin's good!

Alissa Jones of PickaPaper Designs teamed up with a couple of designers and made 2 gorgeous grab bags.  One is a Petting Zoo collab  and the other is an Airplane theme:

Here's one layout I made with the Petting Zoo collab grab bag:

The grab bags have 2 collab kits in them (at least Alissa Jones' grab bags do).  And hers are $3!!!  What an awesome deal!  You can grab the Petting Zoo Grab Bag #1 HERE and the Airport Grab Bag #2 HERE

Oh, I'm so excited at the grab bags & Bloomfest!  Why not stop by & have some fun!!!

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