Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Friday & Free kit!

It's Friday!  It's Field Trip Day.  Today, it my daughter's grade went to the park and Dairy Queen.  Both classes of her grade went & got an ice cream treat.  Unfortunately, my daughter went one too many times on the spinning roundabout thing.  She didn't get sick but had to lay down & missed walking to Dairy Queen.

But for some good news!  There is a free kit available now at Scrap ta Boutic!  It's a collab kit by 4 designers called "Lavendar Fancy."  It's huge!  It has 21 papers and 81 elements.  It's free for a short time - until June 8.  And the whole shop is 50% off until June 10!    Link to the free collab kit HERE.

Here are some pages made by Melcrea's CT:

 The name of the shop is Scrap ta Boutic.  LINK for the free collab kit.  It's free only until JUNE 8.
 Here's some kits you can get at 50% ($1.61 US):

The sale ends June 10.  Link to these kits HERE  So go shopping and have fun scrapping!!! 

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