Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Wednesday!!! Speed Scrap tonight!!!

Hi Everyone! Middle of the week and almost the month!! I had my 2nd iron IV treatment yesterday. I go once a week for 5-6 weeks per series. I think this may be my 5th series? I can't remember. I only know that I become anemic again after a few months. The treatments should last a year, but for some reason, only 3-4 months for me.

I hope there's a Speed Scrap tonight at Designs in Digital!!! I love their speed scraps! If you never did a speed scrap, nows the time to try! They are a bit more relaxed. They give you plenty of time to finish and upload them. Designs in Digital speed scraps usually start around 9 pm EST. Hope to see you there!!!

Other news, New Releases day today at Designs in Digital. Today, Wednesday April 14th, new releases are 50% off!!!! Then 30% off Thursday thru Saturday. And if you spend $5, you can get last year's April Collab kit free! If you spend $10, you can get this month's new collab kit "Story Time" FREE!!!! They are awesome kits and HUGE!! So go shopping now and pick up some great deals! Get new kits for half off & some free ones also!

If you're wondering what "Story Time" looks like, here's a couple of layouts I did:

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