Monday, August 2, 2010

Manic Monday - Awesome Template sale at DID

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to August!  Boy, did this summer fly by!!!  I had a busy weekend - did a joint birthday for 3 of my kids and my daughter attended another party and some of the kids had sleepovers and playdates plus me trying to do laundry and pack for my 2 older kids who are going up north today.  And on top of all that, my kids lost a DVD from the library.  So, I've been tearing my house apart looking for it.

Now for some good news:  Designs in Digital is having some great specials.  Love templates?  Tiger Lily's Digis is having a special sales on her templates.  You can buy all 40 for only $5!!!  That's a $40 value for only $5!!!!  How awesome is that?  LINK

There's also a cute little road trip min kit called "Oh The Places You Will Go" for $1.75.  Or you can get it free when you spend only $3.00.  Why not buy the template deal and take advantage for getting the kit for free?  LINK

I bought the latest kit from Tiger Lily's Digis "Grandma's Summer Cottage."  It's perfect for me because my kids spend 3 weeks every summer at my parents' cabin.  It's only $3.25 and available soley at Designs in Digital.  LINK

Some Layouts I made with this kit.  The first page I made with one of the templates from Tiger Lily's Digi's template sale.  (love that deal)

So why not go shopping, get some great deals and have fun scrapping!!!

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